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Yeah…TWICE debuted under JYP Entertainment on the 20th of October with “Like OOH-AHH,” and I’ve seen the music video, I LIKE the song, however…

I covered it on a different site and not here. Whoops! Yeah, I really like it.

The beginning music is really intriguing, and reminds me of a spooky movie. Although this is more comedy than anything. I mean, look at that zombie.

You could say…

He likes them for their brains.


Zombies, yes! I’m so glad at least one of the Big Three released a Halloween music video in October (I love “Married to The Music,” but that was released in September).

I have found a bias! Her name is Jeongyeon!


I would also like to say that their debut mini album, “The Story Begins,” according to their website, was supposed to be released on November 1st. However, I can’t find it anywhere. [EDIT: (12/10/15) iTunes. Finally, right?]

Watch the music video here:










Source: jypentertainment Official YouTube

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