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Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos: JYJ

Ah, my innocence. How I miss it. Back then, I didn’t know TVXQ, JYJ and DBSK were all the same group, just together and divided.

I was watching this music video (which, back then was on SM‘s then official music channel, sment), and then I looked in the comments.

I also vividly remember never remembering Jonghyun (of SHINee) or Jaejoong‘s names, so once I pointed to a picture of Jaejoong in math class and said, “I know who that guy is, but I can’t remember his name, but I’m looking for Jonghyun.” (or something to that extent.

That is the day that I learned SHINee was pronounced, ‘shiny’ instead of ‘shin-ee.’

JYJ’s “Ayyy Gurl” was one of the first boy band music videos I ever watched (well…which is probably why its on this list), and at first, Jaejoong was my bias (btw I’m horribly Junsu biased, have been since…late 2013???)

This is from the trio’s first album, “The Beginning” which was released back in 2010, a year after their lawsuit with SM, when they were still with them.

Later on they left and were, and are currently with C-Jes Entertainment. in 2011, they released their second album, “In Heaven.”

Their latest album, “Just Us” was released in 2014, before Jaejoong left for the military. I think Mickey‘s in the military right now too.

Junsu will soon leave as well T^T

Anyway, this particular music video reminds me of the very beginning of my love with K-Pop, and despite the cheesiness of it all, is still one of my favorites to date.

Watch the music video here:


I’d say buy the album on iTunes, BUT IT’S NOT THERE ANYMORE. Which is stupid.

Like JYJ?




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