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RaNia Release ‘Demonstrate’ MV

RaNia have released the music video for “Demonstrate,” and it feels as though something is missing…

oh right, their new member Alex is missing. She was missing from the group promotional pictures, the shoots, the entire music video really.

I find that a little weird, but I’m hoping that maybe they’ll release a second music video or dance practice or something where she actually appears for this comeback.

However, the music video is BOMB~ and so is the song. Alex’s rap doesn’t take over as much as I thought it would, and Hyeme‘s voice is GORGEOUS!~

So, I talked to my friend Morgan who is also a fan of RaNia, and she said Alex was having visa issues, which is why she wasn’t included in the official promotions and that’s why she isn’t in the music video either.

She is apparently going to begin appearing with them for live performances once she get’s to Korea.

Now that that’s taken care of, watch the music video here:


The song isn’t out as of yet T^T

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Source: DrMusic Official YouTube

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