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RaNia Release Comeback Teaser ‘Demonstrate’

This is super exciting! It’s been two years since RaNia made a comeback with “Just Go.”

They’ve gone through some member changes as well; Saem, Jooyi and Riko have left, while two new members, Hyeme and Seulji have been added.


EDIT (over an hour later) So this happened while I was busy:

Final member Alex
Final member Alex

Watch the teaser below:


As you can see from the teaser, the girls will make their comeback with “Demonstrate” on November 5th!

As far as the song goes, I really hope that woman is just a feature and not throughout the whole song. It would be a shame if she were to overshadow the group, especially since its the first video with the new members.

EDIT (same time as first edit): well, seeing as how the rapper Alex is a member…I’m not going to back off about the rap, because I feel the rap itself is overshadowing the song, and if they make the rap the main part, they’ll also overshadow the other two members.

While I’m excited for ALL new members of RaNia, let’s not make them battle it out on their first music video together, okay?

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Source: DR Music YouTube

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