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J-Indie Picks 11.3.15

Technically, I should have posted a J-Indie Picks last week, but I felt so terrible about skipping it so many times that I’m making up for it this week.

This week I’m featuring artists from A-Sketch, one of my favorite J-Indie labels.

First up is frederic with “Tomei-ningen.” frederic is a three member band. Apparently there used to be a drummer, but he left for personal reasons.

This is from their upcoming mini album, “OTOTUNE,” which will be released on November 11th!

There’s green screen action all over the place and two girls…vogue-battling or something. It’s weird just watch it.






Next up is The Oral Cigarettes with “狂乱 Hey Kids!! (Be Crazy Hey Kids!!)” This video has English subtitles! Just click the ‘CC’ button.

This music video is crazy and all over the place. It’s super catchy, so check it out!


This is from their upcoming 4th single, which will also be released on November 11th!






Last but not least, is flumpool with “~You’re Romantic~” from their latest single, which was released back in August titled, “夏よ止めないで ~You’re Romantic~.”

This live performance is from the live Blue-Ray and DVD, “flumpool 真夏の野外★LIVE 2015 「FOR ROOTS」 ~オオサカ・フィールズ・フォーエバー~ at OSAKA OIZUMI RYOKUCHI.”







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