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C-ute’s Comeback with ‘嵐を起こすんだ Exciting Fight!/Thank You Eternal Yell’

I hate UpFront. I hope you perish.

Well..I don’t know the details or anything, but I wish bad things to you.

C-ute recently released their encouraging music video for “嵐を起こすんだ Exciting Fight!,” featuring the girls dancing in a helicopter hangar while footage of athletes plays intermittently.

And then the members become fire benders. Its… a lot more than I expected.

Here is the link. I’ll try embedding it, but it didn’t work the last time i tried to embed a video that wasn’t on YouTube.

The next video is actually one that came out a few weeks ago. I just forgot to cover it. “Thank You Eternal Yell” was released previous to “嵐を起こすんだ Exciting Fight!”

(Link) Watch it here or click the link:

It’s another video similar to the first, except it’s more upbeat and the scenes with the girls are set outside in a field rather than in a home.

This single was released on the 28th of October, and includes instrumentals for both songs.

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Source: C-ute YouTube (1), (2)

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