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Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos #2: Tonight

Back in late 2011-early 2012, I went outside my comfort zone, which was then SM Entertainment, and started exploring other K-Pop groups. I would leave comments on SM videos asking what other groups I should listen to and many came up.

I don’t remember if I watched this next video because it was suggested or just because I stumbled upon it, but I watched BIGBANG‘s “Tonight” and

absolutely HATED it.

I didn’t like it at all. Taeyang looked like The Situation from Jersey Shore, and I HATED that show and that dude, I thought G-Dragon was a freak and T.O.P‘s voice freaked me out. Seungri and Daesung didn’t stand out much. They were usually covered in shadows and…this is terrible but

I can’t remember if I just couldn’t tell them apart or if I didn’t know there were five because their haircuts looked so similar in that music video.

It’s been four-ish years since I hated the video, I can’t remember the exact last reason, but I didn’t like it.

Later on, I did discover GD&TOP and Taeyang, then revisiting the music video and I actually started liking the song (still not a big fan of the video, it’s ‘meh.’), after I fell in love with 1TYM. And then became a YG stan after I also got over not liking 2NE1 (I’ll link you here for why I didn’t like them at first).

But yeah I hated this song. /says the person who’s bought every BIGBANG album).

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Buy the album on iTunes (regular and special edition)! *old crochety man voice* BACK IN MY DAY, this and their “Lollipop Part 2” single were the only BIGBANG music on the US iTunes store! This younger generation of K-Pop fans is lucky, you’re practically handed the single of every artist you can think of.

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