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Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos #1: TVXQ

I’ve been wanting to do a segment like this for awhile now, and figured, why not here? A lot of the videos I got into K-Pop with aren’t so new anymore, and are on the verge of becoming ‘old school,’ or have become old school. I heard 7 years is a good mark to consider a song old school, and…well some of the videos I feature might not be so old, but if you’re new they’re great to get you started on the classics.

My first addition is DBSK‘s “Mirotic,” which is a remake of Sarah Connor‘s “Under My Skin,” which was released several months earlier than the latter.

“Mirotic” is also the title song to their fourth Korean studio album that was released in 2008. This is when the group was still OT5, and by the time I got into K-Pop they were OT2, and I didn’t know that TVXQ and DBSK were technically the same group until I found JYJ, but that’s a story for another day.

I remember finding this on iTunes, but it was under a different artists’ name. i didn’t care at the time because finding K-Pop songs on iTunes was super hard. Back in 2011, BIGBANG only had three items on the store. BoA had JUST had her Japanese work removed (pissed me off so much) and TVXQ had their latest album “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” up, SHINee had a pretty decent amount of work up, but other than that I don’t remember much being on there.

Anyway, I remember listening to this so much, I’m more than positive that this was the first song I memorized and could sing word for word.

Ah, memories.

Also, SM deleted and then re-uploaded the music video. The old video had over 80 million views before they pulled it, so the view for the new one is still pretty low.

Anywho, Enjoy “Mirotic” on what was the original SM YouTube before 2012:

Like the song? Buy the Japanese version on iTunes! Because SM doesn’t want you to have the original Korean without selling your kidneys!

Lol JK, just a second…buy the album from YESASIA!

Like TVXQ?




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