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FAKY: Stream Their Latest, NOW! And Other News

know that title is cheesy as fuck, but I didn’t know any other way to put it.

You can now stream FAKY‘s latest single/upcoming album tracks on LINE and Apple Music!

You can listen to previews on their official website here.

I love all the new songs, but in order of my favorite, it would have to be “Afterglow,” “Candy,” and “You.” All of which sound nothing like the song on all the teasers.

I don’t know when the songs will actually be released, hell they have yet to release their album on the US iTunes store, so I’m still waiting on that.

I thought they’d release a music video or something, but all they did was release the fact that you can stream these new songs on several streaming services as of yesterday, October 21st.

LINE (MUST be a Japanese account to currently stream content [yes I tried])

Apple Music

KK Box


Google Play Music

AWA (1 An) (2 Ap)

As for their LINE app, here are the instructions:


~How to add FAKY’s LINE official account to your “Friends” list~

Please follow the following procedures to add the account to “Friends” in order to receive FAKY information.

※For smartphones:

・“More” –> “Official Accounts”–>“CATEGORY” –> “Artists” –> Tap FAKY then Add

・“More” –> “Add Friends” –> “Search by ID” –> Type “@FAKY” and search then Add

・“More” –> “Add Friends” –> “QR Code” –> Read account’s QR code then Add

※Feature phones:

・Select the account name on the “Official accounts list” from “Official Accounts” on “Add friends” page then add.

※For those living outside of Japan:

Please download the LINE app from the link below.


Please follow the procedure below to add the account to “Friends”:

1. Open the “Official Accounts” page.
2. Tap “+ Select another Country” at the bottom of the page.
3. Select 日本 (Japan).
4. Search the FAKY account ID (@FAKY)
5. Tap “Add Friends”

Lastly, the issue with Diane and Tina leaving. Both girls left a message for fans.


First of all, I’d like to apologize for the sudden decision to leave FAKY. It really was a tough decision to make. Either way, please continue to support the girls. Thank you for the love everybody. I’ll see you all soon.


Hi everyone! Finally, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. FAKY is finally announcing its member change! It’s very exciting, but it breaks my heart to officially announce that I will no longer be a member of FAKY. Nonetheless we wish FAKY good luck and hope to maybe even work with them again in the future.

That’s it for the current FAKY updates. Want more news on FAKY? Make sure you’re subscribed to their official mail magazine, and do so here!

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