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EXO’s “Love Me Right ~Romantic Universe~ Japanese Debut

Ummm…something feels awfully weird here…could it be…

That it’s because EXO are singing in Japanese?

I mean, it feels super weird. I watch the Korean version of “What is Love” and haven’t been able to stan the Chinese half of the group (vocally) since.

Now they’re singing in Japanese. Which is a little less weird since I’m somewhat familiar with Japanese (nowhere near how fluent I am in Korean (still kinda measly) but y’all know what I mean).

The music video for “Love Me Right ~Romantic Universe~” is a video game concept, they are in a virtual world and have to pass levels…of basic…life? I don’t know, the concept is a little weird, but Chanyeol and Kai are rockin it!

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? The single will be released on November 4th! There is a second song on the single called, “Drop That,” and it’s very rock and roll.

Like EXO? You know what, I just realized that I’ve never posted EXO’s SNS links before…damn.

Facebook (K)

YouTube (K)

Facebook (C)

YouTube (C)

Twitter (J)

Website (J)

Source: avex YouTube

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