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Dream Are Back In A Winter Wonderland For Their Latest Single!

Dream, my favorite sub-unit from E-Girls have made a comeback with the release of their latest single, “ブランケット・スノウ (Blanket Snow (1)).”

Fuck. I read the comments and someone mistook them saying “blanket” as “baguette” and that’s all I hear now >.<

Anywhoodledoodlepoodle, Shizuka, my beautiful princess (squeals internally forever) looks, as always, perfect. Ami is adorable as always, and Aya and Erie look lovely as well (not as familiar with them, tbh).

For those of you who are new (by hair color):

Ami: blonde

Aya: reddish

Erie: black

Shizuka: brown

The single is set to be released on November 18th! You can either buy it as a single, buy the CD, or the CD+DVD combo.

single: just “Blanket Snow”

CD: four songs including “Blanket Snow” and four corresponding instrumentals

CD+DVD: four songs, “Blanket Snow” instrumental + “Blanket Snow” music video

Watch the music video here:


Like Dream?









Source: avex YouTube

One thought on “Dream Are Back In A Winter Wonderland For Their Latest Single!

  1. Dream 4-evah! 😀 I hadn’t seen this news elsewhere yet, thanks for sharing – enjoying the new song.

    As a long-time Dream fan, it’s *so* great to see the girls enjoying success all these years later – on their own and with E-Girls.

    You might enjoy seeing this performance from their “dream party 2006” DVD (almost 10 years ago now!), where today’s Dream girls (plus Sayaka, who left in 2012) perform one of my all-time favorite Dream songs.

    https://youtu.be/UQi9P21O9y0 (left to right: Shizuka, Sayaka, Ami, Aya, Erie)

    Generally, the members we know today had supporting-type roles during this phase of Dream’s existence (as you can see from the other “dream party 2006” videos available on YouTube), but in this performance they got to shine on their own. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!


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