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K-Indie Picks 10.20.2015

Here I AM! Finally after so long, I’ve missed K-Indie so much!!!! I’m really tired so I don’t have a lot for you, but I couldn’t leave you with nothing.

First up is GIRL, a Korean band that debuted back in 1995. They’ve released their 4.5th mini album, which is a special 20th anniversary project.

This is black and white performance footage + music video of them performing the song, “The Last Diary of an Underground Musician.”

The album was released on September 23rd!







Next up is H-Eugene with “Trash Part.2” featuring Suki. He released the first part in 2013. After two years, he’s finally released a single, the sequel to his previous release.

It’s pretty awesome, I highly recommend that you listen to the song and check out the music video. Not only is H-Eugene talented, so is Suki.



Could not find SNS


I hope you like these songs! Stick around for more K-Indie Picks!

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