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Zico’s ‘Yes or No’

Zico of Block B has dropped his latest solo track, “Yes or No,” featuring PENOMENCO and The Quiett and the video is trippy as fuck.

It’s computer animated and super weird. There’s pigs, cymbal clapping monkeys, just…so much weird.

So much cool.

Watch the music video here:

The video as you can see, is only a minute or so long, but you can listen to the full version here.

I was really digging the track until PENOMENCO and The Quiett came on, and their raps felt kinda weak at first, and it didn’t get too much better, but let’s just say I was slightly relieved when Zico took over again.

Overall it’s a dope song.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like Zico?

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Source: Seven Seasons YouTube


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