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ToppDogg Are Back!

After I heard that Kidoh (my bias :/ ) and Gohn were leaving (school abroad, then Gohn leaves for the military and will resume as a solo artist when he returns), I like many TopKlass were worried about a possible split from the company, or just the group (B.A.P, Block B, EXO, etc were all still discussed/happening around the time of the initial rumors), but thankfully it is no such conclusion.

ToppDogg are back with Hunus Entertainment, a new agency that merged with Stardom, who was apparently having financial issues.

But that’s beside the point. The song is great, as always with ToppDogg. It’s in your face, upbeat, definitely hip hop, and it’s catchy as helllll.

Anywhoodledoodlepoodle, their new single, “The Beat” which is the title track to their 4th mini album has a music video that was released yesterday. There’s not much else I see as far as a release date goes.

Found one. Apparently it will be released tonight at midnight, or should have been released this morning at midnight???

I’ll check back tomorrow.

Anyway, watch the music video here:


The song is not available on iTunes as of yet.

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Source: Hunus Entertainment YouTube

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