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FAKY Releases First Comeback Teaser: ‘FAKY is BACK’

I’m sure by this teaser you can tell, even though the last time I covered FAKY I also touched on it, there are new members.

This member, Akina, and another soon to be revealed through the next teaser, will replace members Diane and Tina, who chose to leave the group.

I will support them, and hope they still have the same charm they had before even with these two new ladies.

There are five more days according to the website until they make their comeback.

Are you ready?

(Taken from the description box) I’m on mobile at five in the morning getting ready for work, btw)


FAKY is back!
Fake? Or Not Fake?
FAKY – The Alternative Girl Band from Tokyo
New and revamped in 2015!

Like FAKY?

Official Website – http://www.faky.jp/
Follow on Twitter – http://twitter.com/FAKYjp
Like! on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/FAKYjp

Source: avex

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