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K-Pop Tag 40 Questions Part 1

So, here goes another list I found, this time from YouTube.

This is 40 questions long, and to go in depth as much as I want, I’m splitting into two parts. The other part will be posted next week.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Favorite solo artist

No surprise, BoA, DUH

2. TOP 5 Bias Groups

Fuck. Girl or boy? I can’t even. Top FIVE? Are you for real? I can’t even pick a top two! Um...1TYM, SHINee, 2NE1, Girls Generation and Super Junior.

3. Do you ship anyone?

DO I SHIP ANYONE? #KIKOGON (Kiko Mizuhara x GD), #TAORIS (TaoxKris), #KAISOO (KaixKyungsoo), JONGTAE(JonghyunxTaemin) and…I think that’s it…I think. I’ll stop there, at least.

4. What fangroup(s) do you identify with? (i.e. VIP, Blackjack, etc…)

I am first and foremost a Jumping BoA, Shawol and VIP. SONEs and BlackJacks (most that I see) cause so much drama, the fellow ones I am friends with, we just fangirl together.

5. How did you get into kpop?

See here. Ayaka -> BoA -> SHINee -> the loss of my immortal soul

6. Do you know how to speak Korean?

A little bit. I taught myself how to read Korean in 2012 so I could tell what song was playing. Back then, if the title wasn’t originally in English, it was written in Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and I didn’t know the names of my favorite songs, and I couldn’t really tell what I was looking for, so I taught myself how to read Hangul, and yeah. I was a happy camper.

Later on I purchased some software and books and I can kinda read and understand. There are times I don’t have to look at the screen when I’m watching a drama, but for the most part, I just kinda get by on the gist of things right now.

But y’all gotta remember: I speak English, Spanish, some German, some Korean and other than those I can sort of understand French, Italian, Finnish, Danish and Portuguese from all the years I was learning Spanish (trust me, learn one you’ll learn a little of them all [Latin and Germanic languages]) and I know a little of Chinese and Japanese just from picking up certain words and phrases.

7. Have you gone to any K-Pop concerts?


TWICE so far 😉

8. Do you have any K-Pop merch?

Um YEAH. I really don’t wanna go count my CDs, but lets just say… over 10, 2NE1 Clap Your Hands hoodie, three posters (Shinhwa, SuJu and BB), and that’s all the K-Pop stuff I can think of at this moment.

9. Do you watch variety shows?

Not really. I watch a segment here and there when it pops up, but other than Roommate and 1TYM Learning Taekwondo, I haven’t really bothered.

10. TOP 3 Biases?

Fuck, are you kidding me? I need to pick a THIRD? okay, BoA, Teddy Park, and Seotaiji

11. What was the first K-Pop song you immediately liked upon hearing?

Hurricane Venus.” If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have to contemplate on any others, now would I?

12. A K-Pop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try?

I’ve given almost every group I’ve ever listened to a try, and even though I have a Teen Top bias, I can’t get into them all like THAT, like I’m into SHINee and BIGBANG and 1TYM.

They just don’t ‘click’ with me, y’know?

13. Do ya got a feelin that ur Loof is on fiyah?

Hell yeah I do.

14. who is your LEAST favourite idol/ female or male?

UGH. I hate these questions. Only because of the rude, sexist remarks I’ve heard, I would have to say CAP from Teen Top, and Shindong and Kangin from Super Junior.

Shindong was actually one of my original SuJu biases, but after I heard him calling female idols fat, especially when you look at how big he started out, I really began to dislike him.

And I’ve heard Kangin say some rude ass shit, so I’m not all into that.

And don’t even get me started on CAP and about how he would treat his future daughter. Joke or not, that’s fucked up man.

15. do you listen to solo artists as much as groups?

If I had to line them all up and compare them, probably not, but I do have a pretty decent list of favorite soloists.

16. what has been your favourite comeback of the year?

The year’s not over so I can’t really make that statement right now, but so far my top comebacks are BoA (of course), Jay Park, BIGBANG, GOT7, Red Velvet, HyunA, G-Friend, and SNSD.

17. what is your least favourite concept/era from your favourite group?

I don’t believe I have a ‘least favorite’ from 1TYM and…let me think with SHINee…you know what, it was a pretty hard decision, but I don’t like the “Don’t Don” era of Super Junior.

18. has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all?

Teddy Park? No. BoA YES! I watched her movie, “Make Your Move.” the movie itself was so cliche that it was terrible, but I LOVE BoA so I watched it.

19. Are you one of those ppl that stans over trainees or groups before they debut?

Not really. The only time I can really remember doing that would be with Nu’est. I had heard about iKON and WINNER when they were Team A and Team B, but I really didn’t stan them.

OH, WAIT, Akdong Musician. I was rooting for them on Super Star K. I don’t know if that’s what you mean or if you mean SMRookies type stuff. I mean, I have a favorite. His name is Hansol, but I’m not going ape shit over him.

He’s just a cutie pie right now.


20.Who was your first bias ever in the K-Pop  industry?


Watch the original tag video here.

Look forward to Part 2, next week!

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