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Random Music Monday: Tales of Xilia

So, I have an obsession with this video game right now. I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, that I won’t deny. But I’ve bought several games from the ‘Tales of…‘ series, as well as games from the same company, and I’m actually really starting to like it.

I’ve been playing the first “Tales of Xilia” (there’s two, now as of last year) and I love the theme song.

The theme song is sung by none other than Ayumi Hamasaki, and it’s titled “Progress.” The game was released back in 2011, so the song’s a little old, but I hear it every day, as of…like the end of last week?

I bought the game earlier this year, started playing it, got stuck, gave up and picked it back up sometime within the last week and haven’t been able to put it down since. The soundtrack is pretty awesome too.

Watch the opening theme here:

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