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My Precious BBYS Akdong Musician Have Returned For Hangul Day

Oh my holy Shisus I have been waiting for these two to make a comeback since their last single, “Fallen Leaves.”

And I could not be happier. Its upbeat, fun, look at them! Their hanbok(s) are so cute!

Akdong Musician have released the music video for a special song, “가나다같이.”

This song was released to celebrate Hangul Day (Hangul Proclamation Day), the day that the official alphabet of the Korean language was created. The video features all the words are purely in Korean. (1)

Member Chanhyuk wrote, composed, and helped produce the song! Hooray!

Watch the music video here:


It’s not available for download it seems, BUT I WOULD THROW MY MONEY AT YG IF IT WAS!

Like AKMU?







Source: AKMU YouTube

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