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Friday Flicks: SWWTN Reaction


So if you read this and it ruins the drama for you, boohoo so sad cry me a river and build Justin and me a bridge, would ya?

I realize now that some of you might be too young for that joke


Anywho, After watching the drama “Scholar Who Walks The Night,” I CAN say that it’s one of my favorites from this year,

HOWEVER, I would also like to point out, much like in my previous post on another website about the show, but I need to fangirl and spoil it more thoroughly.

FIRST OF ALL, let’s just say that Yang Sun‘s current family did not technically fall from grace. Her birth family, however, did.

She was raised as a boy from her previous family, who knew of her dark (possible/sorta true) future, and wanted to protect her.

She KNEW she was a girl, dressed up as a dude, for 21 years. TWENTY ONE YEARS. Never questioned it once.

Anyway, turns out she was childhood besties with Prince Yoon, who’s dad was an important nobleman and close with the Crown Prince of the time, Prince Sadong, Yoon’s father.

Also, there’s the all important point in the drama where eventually she tells Sung Yeol that she loves him despite him being a vampire, but she’s a little WHIMP and freaks out when she sees him turn/drink blood and cries when he tries to kill another vampire.

Bitch he is saving your LIFE. Also, shouldn’t you be tougher by now? They’ve only attempted to sacrifice you like, twice by this point.

Eventually, Gwi is killed in the somewhat cool/disappointing ending. Sung Yeol blows up the lair (its Yang Sun’s idea) intending to kill himself as well (when will his suicidal tendencies end!??!?!), and when the wall crumbles, the sunlight hits Gwi for like, 30 seconds and he dies.

That’s it. We don’t even see him set on fire, explode, nothing. He’s just dead.

And, like “Faith,” the writers drag that last episode with me, tears streaming down my face, to the last seconds, until they gave me the ending I wanted.

Seriously though, I hate it when the writers cut it close. “Faith,” “To The Beautiful You,” and now “Scholar Who Walks The Night?”

Basically what I’m saying is that everything is action packed up until like the last 5-10 minutes where they drag everything out and then BAM! Give you the final ending in the last shot.

I hate it.

Overall, I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

I’m taking off half a star for that close ending and the endless run around of Sung Yeol saving Yang Sun and Yang Sun being a whiny little bitch.

UGH. Stop crying already.

If you’d like to know the feeling of wanting to punch a wall and cry into your soup, watch “Scholar Who Walks The Night” on DramaFever!

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