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Worldwide Wednesday: Sleep, Strut, Connect

This week I picked three artists that I found on iTunes under the ‘New Artist’ tag.

The first is The Struts with “Could Have Been Me.” It has a heavy 80’s metal hair band vibe and I love it. It’s my favorite out of the three.





I’m too lazy to add more today. Besides, there’s a couple music videos I need to cover since Chuseok is over. Sorry for the Korea mention.

Moving on, the next song is “Illusion,” by Beat Connection. It’s very dreamlike with an addictive beat, and is also slightly 80’s. I like how the sound from the American 1980’s is making a comeback.

Good music. Yeaaaah.



antirecords YouTube


And last but not least is Emmi, with “Sleep On It.” It’s another ethereal pop tune, with an addictive British songstress and a beat to die for.

If she isn’t the next Brit to break through the American market I will be disappointed. She has a very nice voice and it’s my second favorite song on the list today.

I can only find one video on YouTube (boooo!) and it’s not even an official video. Sorry about that.




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