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Lovelyz Comeback With ‘Ah Choo’ and ‘Shooting Star’

Ah, Lovelyz! Another single, which is hinting at another upcoming release!

Anyway, it’s only fair to review “Shooting Star” first, since it came out first as a single and all.

“Shooting Star” was released on September 13th, and the music video features the girls pretending to read and love books.

Unless they’re speed reading, I don’t believe they can even skim that fast. And who just piles up books on the floor and OPEN FACE DOWN ON OTHER BOOKS, Y’ALL GONNA RUIN THE SPINES, and stacks them haphazardly on shelves with what seems like no care?

They’re fake bookworms.

I bet they don’t even own books.

That books isn’t even in the right position.

/this is all sarcasm don’t murder me/

The song is okay. It’s nothing special and left me feeling rather flat.

Watch the music video here:


The next song, “Ah Choo,” is super cute and super catchy, and I LOVE IT!

The music video features the girls playing hide and seek with each other and…HOYA FROM INFINITE, MY PRECIOUS PEACH.

Watch the music video here:


Both songs will appear on the group’s second album, “Lovelyz8.” The album will be released on the first of October at 12AM KST.

Like the album? Wait a little bit, and buy it on iTunes! Like “Shooting Star?” Buy the single on iTunes!

Like Lovelyz?








Source: Woolim YouTube

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