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iKON: 1st Mini Album Review

iKON released two more music videos for their debut half album, “Welcome Back;” “Rhythm Ta” and “Airplane.”

“Rhythm Ta” is a badass hip hop dance track that is everything I wanted in their debut.

“Airplane” is a more mellowed out hip hop track that’s good, but not as good as “Rhythm Ta.”

As far as their album tracklist is concerned, it goes like this:

Welcome Back – No. Just, no. It’s just too soft and jazzy. I can see someone like Kye Bum Zu working this track, but for iKON? No. Too weak for me.

Rhythm Ta – It’s MA JAM! The best track on the CD. This is EXACTLY what I wanted when I heard iKON was debuting.

If they had released this instead of “My Type,” I could see the reception being a lot more positive.

My Type – Sweet, mellow hip hop love song. It’s nothing super special, but it made me smile like a moron. I like it for some reason.

Only Shisus knows why.

Today – This is just…too happy. I don’t like it. There’s so many trumpets…and I like trumpets.

And there’s no dispute as to whether or not it’s hip hop, but this reminds me of those happy hip hop tracks of aegyo boy bands trying to pull off the hip hop concept.

It’s a try hard fail hard kinda song. /sorrynotsorry/

Airplane – Sad, catchy, wonderful but not as wonderful as “Rhythm Ta,” but better than “My Type.”

Also, as far as the plot is concerned, she was CLEARLY digging Bobby, I don’t feel sorry for BI at all. HE’S the cock blocker, not Bobby.

And what idiot pulls the battery out of their alarm? Why not set one or a couple back up alarms?


M.U.P – This song is above “Airplane” and “My Type.” It’s my second favorite song. I LOVE IT.

a 90’s r&b throwback with hip hop….ugggh I’m a melting mess of fangirl goo.

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One thought on “iKON: 1st Mini Album Review

  1. We have totally different opinions on the album LOL! I did an album review post too if you want to check it out. But I’m glad you like it! Yay fellow ikonic (:


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