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SuJu’s Comeback is ‘Magic’

This came as a surprise to me. I’ve been really busy with work and I didn’t even know that part 2 of their special album, “Devil” had come out already.

This is their music video for “Magic,” which is the lead single. There are also three other new tracks, “놈, 놈, 놈, You Got It,” “Dorothy,” and “I Love You.”

“Magic” and “I Love You” sung by Heechul and Leetuk (squeeee!) are definite favorites. However, “Dorothy,” performed by Super Junior K.R.Y is much too sad. No. Stop. I don’t need to feel…this late…in the afternoon.

Watch the music video for “Magic” here:


Like the song? I sure do. Look at those dorks. God. I can’t even. Buy it on iTunes!

Like Super Junior?








Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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