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iKON Debut With ‘My Type’

So, YG‘s pulling that ‘this isn’t their debut, but here’s there first single’ thing with iKON‘s “My Type.” Like SM did with EXO‘s “What Is Love.”

/rolls eyes into oblivion/

But we all know this is their debut. But let’s let YG think this is their ‘warm up’ single.

A lot of people didn’t like it. In fact, my friend Leigh ripped into them on her review. Leigh is great, because I know I can get carried away while I fangirl and not look directly at what’s in front of me and realize if something is up to par or not.

Let’s face it, as a YG stan, I would buy pretty much anything 1TYM if they would let me. They could release a shitty 8-bit single about aglets and I would buy the deluxe version of it.

But my biasedness aside, I didn’t take a look at it until I got off work, which let me see my other YG stan friends’ opionions, as well as Leigh’s grounded review of the song. Taking both sides into consideration, I went into the music video, not expecting much.

I was actually pleasantly surprised halfway through. I couln’t stop smiling, and I don’t know why. I mean, as far as hip hop is concerned and how much hype iKON have had behind them, especially with Bobby on SMTM, you’d think they’d release something…I don’t know…more badass.

But they didn’t. And my immediate response was…god this reminds me of 1TYM.

When 1TYM debuted, it was obviously hip hop. It was so hip hop you could not call it anything else. 1TYM’s “1TYM” was an upbeat hip hop track.

However, it was not in-your-face hip hop. No, that wouldn’t come until the second album, and it would continue throughout their career, while they still dabbled in pop. The first album was mostly pop with hip hop undertones.

So this is my hope for iKON: to be a new 1TYM, if you will. So when that album drops, I better hear some hard ass hip hop beats, dammit.

Overall, while it wasn’t what it was hyped up to be, I wasn’t as disappointed as I also thought I would be. I know they’re capable of much more, and they can sing wayyy better than they do here. So here’s to hoping for more come their actual debut.

Watch the music video here:

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2 thoughts on “iKON Debut With ‘My Type’

  1. The second time I listened, I went in with zero expectations. In fact, I didn’t know what it was since I was listening to my playlist of releases this year on shuffle so it just started. At about the middle I thought “Man, this is pretty alright, why can’t I remember who this is?”
    I checked and….oh, that’s why. Alright then. Point being, I’m hoping that their releases will get better and play them more towards the sound we were lead to believe they’d have. If they do this style it’ll be ok but it will never be amazing which is a damn shame; they’re capable of amazing.


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