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JunJin Is Hella Awesome In Solo Comeback

This is his first solo comeback since 2009, and his second mini album. JunJin announced his solo comeback back during Shinhwa‘s audience engagement event at KCON, which we were all totally stoked for.

Now that it’s here (like, a week ago, anyway), I’ve gotta say this is some great material. JunJin can do no wrong, oh my Shisus.

The song is amazing, the music video is simple but amazing, the choreo is simple but not overly simple, and Eric, ah yes, Eric’s rap is completely necessary.


One week ago the first music video was released for the title song from his second mini album “#REAL#,” “Wow Wow Wow,” and yesterday they released the dance version.

Watch the music videos here:


So, the album contains 5 tracks, and oh G-sus, his voice is UGHHHH. Seriously, ever since KCON he’s been trying to kick Eric out of his top spot.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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Source: JunJin Real Youtube (1) (2)

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