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CL’s ‘Dr Pepper’

Okay…unpopular (or rather, popular, I guess, depending on which side you’re on) opinion time.

I am a YG stan. Love them. Love the artists, love the company. Just, yeah.

However, as much as I love 2NE1, let alone CL, her American debut single, “Dr Pepper” is…a little more than underwhelming.

The lyrics are garbage, while Riff Raff can rap, the content sucks and OG Maco just sucks in general. Period.

I like the beat tho.

Aesthetically, it’s what I expected. I would also like to point out, eeew that one girl’s socks are dirty and they’re soaked in pop. I can’t handle it even if my toe touches something in my sock, I’ll need a new pair.


I was actually discussing this with my friend Leigh, and what it led to was the conclusion that, as K-Pop fans, a lot of us aren’t going to like the song, mostly because we know she is capable of much better content and skill than what the song, “Dr Pepper” provides.

I personally feel that Diplo dropped the ball on this song and went with what he wanted, not with what would fit CL. CL can do American rap/hip-hop, but it’s just that I feel this was the wrong song to experiment with, especially since for a lot of people, this is their first impression of CL breaking into the American market.

BUT, according to Leigh, one of her friends who’s really into the genre (this is trap music, btw), says that it’s a great song within the genre, and the music video fits.

Make your own opinion, and watch the music video here:


Well, if you want it, you can buy the song on iTunes!

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Source: Mad Decent YouTube

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