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Unicorn Debut With ‘Huk’

Since I know not every person is fluent in English, not to mention the context of the song and other English songs surrounding the title in the chorus, it stands to reason that they mean ‘hug.’

It especially makes sense when you realized that ‘g’ and ‘k’ share the same character in Korean, ‘ㄱ.’

/end of explanation/

I saw people asking about it on YouTube, I just thought I’d clarify.

Getting on with it, Unicorn are a new girl group under SHOW BROTHERS Entertainment, and have released their title single ‘Huk‘ from their debut mini album, “Once Upon A Time.”

They’re really sweet, and I like them. I hope I hear from them again.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like Unicorn?





Daum Cafe




Source: Unicorn Official YouTube

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