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Morning Musume ‘Oh My Wish/スカッとMy Heart/今すぐ飛び込む勇気’ Single

This comeback happened about a month ago, and I saw the music videos get released, but I was in some crap and I missed a lot of J-Pop.

Morning Musume released their single, “Oh My Wish/スカッとMy Heart/今すぐ飛び込む勇気” back on August 20th.

Watch the music videos here:

“Oh My Wish”


“スカッとMy Heart”


The last song on the single is titled, “今すぐ飛び込む勇気­.”  In English, its, “The Courage To Jump In Right Now.”

Watch the music video here:


Like these song? Buy the single on iTunes!

Like MM?










Source: Morning Musume ’15 YouTube

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