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GI’s ‘Doligo Doligo’ MV

So when I saw the music video teaser a few days ago, it was NOT what I expected from the photo teasers.

The photos looked like something Ladies Code would do.

Then GI pulled the sexy concept out for “Doligo Doligo” and I just…

I didn’t like it.

I did some research and not only did the three members leave, but the group was failing in Korea anyway because the tomboy concept wasn’t popular.

So fans like me, international fans from around that world that loved the old GI were really confused when we saw the new group teasers.

I understand from a financial standpoint that they would need to branch out into what I expect a ‘typical’ K-Pop girl group to sound like.

Good news is though, I hear that there is a possibility of them going back to the tomboy concept in the future.

We can hope, right?

Watch their latest music video here:


The song isn’t available for purchase right now, but what surprised me is when I did try to go find it, I found another single they released earlier this year back in March titled, “Echo.” The title single isn’t that great, but I really like the song “Thus Much.” Pretty sure that’s a typo but whatever.

Like GI?



Daum Cafe



Source: Simtong Entertainment YouTube

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