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Thoughts on The New GI

GI, or Global Icon are a girl group from Simtong Entertainment that debuted back in 2013.

They debuted with five members: AI, Ji Eun, One Ket, Ha Yun, and Aram.

However, since One Ket, Ha Yun and Aram have left the company, Simtong took it upon themselves to pull a Piggy Dolls.

and what I mean by that is, they re-branded the group with all but two new members (which makes them a little better than the Piggy Dolls thing, since that have absolutely NO original members).

I was a huge fan of the original group, and this re-branding thing wouldn’t be so bad, if they had at least stuck to the original concept.

I’ll try to support them, but I’m not making any promises.

View the teaser photos here:

gi gi2 gi3\\


Their comeback will be on September 3rd!

Like GI…or rather, the new GI?




Daum Cafe


Source: GI Official International Fan Facebook

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