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K-Indie Picks 8.25.15

So, before I collapse and prepare for a busy day tomorrow, let’s get to K-Indie Picks!

Hooray! Only one missed article in almost three weeks! I’m on a roll! Sort of.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle! Let’s start, shall we?

First up is Tae In, with “Love Needs A Reason.” She is with Pleroo Media. She’s been active as a singer/songwriter since 2008.

This is her latest single, and yes, you can buy it on iTunes. However, I couldn’t find anything else on her.


Next up is Monkeyz, with “I Have a Feeling.” These guys are from Ruby Records and they debuted back in 2013.





Web Page


And last but not least, No Reply with their latest single, “Natural.” It was released in April, and kinda sad I missed the actual release. These guys are with Happy Robot Records, as I’ve mentioned before.






Reverb Nation



Like these songs? Stay tuned for more K-Indie Picks!

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