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HyunA Slays With ‘Roll Deep’

HyunA of 4Minute has recently released her music video for the single, “Roll Deep” from her 4th mini album, “A+.”

As far as the other songs go, “Ice Ice” featuring Yuk Ji-dam of “Unpretty Rapstar” (Season 1) and “Get Out of My House” featuring Kwon Junyeol of 10cm are the ones I’m looking forward to. I’d say “Run and Run,” but it’s the intro, so I don’t suppose it will be longer than a minute, minute and a half tops. Which is disappointing because it sounds great.

Also, weird thing. I looked on wiki for the mini album tracklist (lucky me they had it) and saw the actual translation of the title song “Roll Deep” was actually “Because I’m The Best,” in Korean, “잘나가서 그래.”

Which totally makes sense now, but I didn’t pay attention because there was an English title


Anyway, I totally love the music video. Each time she makes a comeback she pushes the envelope and she really looks like she enjoys the sexy concept, even if that’s not true to her personality in real life.

And her enjoying herself makes me enjoy the song and music video that much more. Her bratty rap style and choreo SLAAAAY and the addition of my favorite BTOB member Jung Illhoon just adds to the list of reasons I love this comeback.

Watch the music video here:


The album is not available on iTunes yet, sadly. I heard that it would be released internationally on the 25th.




Source: 4Minute Official YouTube

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