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Throwback Thursday: SuperNova

SuperNova is a boyband that debuted in September of 2007 under Maroo Entertainment. At first, the name sounded familiar, and then I read some YouTube comments and figured out why:

In Japan, they’re know as Choshinsei, and a while back their member Yoonhak put out some solo work in Japan (late 2013-early 2014)!

They don’t seem to have released anything in Korea since their debut, which is sad, but I love their Japanese stuff.

They started out as a 5 member unit called GM5, and then, they had a member by the name of Jinchul, who would later be kicked out and replaced by older trainee Sungmo, but go on to be called Jinon and join boy band, F.Cuz.

They debuted as a six member unit the next year, and went on to collaborate with other bigger groups like F.T. Island, The SeeYa, T-ara, and they are still pretty active in Korea on variety shows and such.

However, musically, they’ve stuck around in Japan and seem to be doing pretty well there.

In fact, they have an album, “7iro” that’s set to be released this coming September 9th!

Okay, so I was able to find something that they released in Korea after their debut. In 2010 they released a mini album, “Time To Shine,” which features the song, “On Days That I Miss You (그리운 날에).”

Watch the music video here:


Like this song? Buy the album on iTunes!

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