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SNSD Come Back With Two New Music Videos For ‘Lion Heart’

So SNSD finally made their what I assume is ‘final’ comeback for this summer with their fifth studio album!

First, I watched “Lion Heart,” the title track of their latest album. It’s really sweet, and then it gets weird, and then my bias commits murder…okay then.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this song, it’s so sweet and cute and catchy!

Watch the music video here:


You Think” is the song I’ve been hearing about everywhere since it was released. About how much better it is than “Lion Heart,” and how if SNSD would put out more songs like it they (the people) would like SNSD better.

But really, I felt as though the song was really bland. The music video was great and ‘in-your-face’ and the girls owned the choreo like damn!

But the song was ho-hum.

Watch the music video here:


After listening to the album, besides “Lion Heart,” “Party” and “Check,” my favorite songs are “Talk Talk,” “Green Light,” and “Bump It.”

By the way, way to go SONEs! We got our girls charting on the iTunes music video charts, currently at #3 with “You Think” and #8 with “Lion Heart!”

Screenshot (3)

Like these song? Buy the album on iTunes!

Like SNSD?








Source: SMTOWN YouTube (1) (2)

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