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My Interview With Core Magazine

That is right! I was fortunate enough to interview these fine gentlemen recently!

I would first like to say thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak with me, I am grateful that you were able to make time.

Let’s begin!

Could you share how the band came together? 

It’s been a while since its first formation, but once disbanded and re-organized with today’s member in 2011 by the guitarist Junghun Ryu.


Was it easy to come up with a name, and how exactly did your band come to be named?

We didn’t put a huge meaning on the band’s name, which means that we hadn’t spent days agonizing over the name. It just came across one day.


How would you describe your band’s style?

Mirror ball. It is glamorous but not too much, bright but gentle, and it’s common but not banal.


Do you guys have any habits while writing music? 

Record any short melody verse on mobile, and intentionally forget about it. Then, when I listen to the verse afterwards, I can work on it with fresh feelings.


What was your reaction when the opportunity to perform at KCON was first brought to your attention?

We were absolutely delighted since overseas expansion is dream of all bands. It is yet too early to tell the result by this one shot, but anyway it feels good, and we are very much looking forward to future chances.


What was it like to perform at KCON? (con stage vs staples center stage)

The acoustic session we had on con stage had its own petit charm, and we were very surprised by the magnificent stage and number of fans on staples center stage. The staples center stage was the most memorable one, with open stage and good reaction.


What was the strangest experience you had in California while you were there for KCON? (in or outside of KCON)  

Actually we couldn’t have a lot of experiences in California since we stayed only within Korea town area. One notable thing was that Korean foods there were much delicious than that of Korea. Might because we were too desperate.


Where would you like to perform the most? 

It would be nice to perform at the staples for longer time, and we’d love to do a live club tour all around the USA!


Where do you see yourselves in five years? 

A band that stays half a year in overseas and half in Korea with endless tour. Hopefully.


Who inspired you to go into music/the genre you’re performing now? 

From Korea, Toy. Internationally I was inspired by pet shop boys, depeche mode, a-ha and duran duran.


Do you have any dream collaborations?



What are your plans going forward for 2015?

We are going to release our new album this autumn, and we are also planning on a domestic tour or concert.


Could you say something to your international fans?

We just took our first step. What we need is your continued attention, not a temporary interest. Support from overseas make us keep proceeding forward. Thank you. We are looking forward to meeting you again soon!


Once again, thank you to Core Magazine for the interview, and if you like this band don’t forget to check out their official SNS below!





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