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J-Indie Picks 8.18.15

Ah, J-Indie, it’s so nice to see you again. This is the first J-Indie Picks in quite awhile, sadly to say.

I wish I had stayed more on top of it. This segment requires a lot of effort, more because I’m covering more than one artist than anything else. Which is probably why I’ve put it off.

I’m so sorry if I disappointed you guys. But here we are, back again. Let’s get started, shall we?

First up is Silent Siren with their music video for “女子校戦争.” It’s a very upbeat rock song, and the music video is quite touching…and funny…a little awkward.

Who tries confessing to their teacher in the middle of class, anyway?

This is from their 3rd album, “サイレントサイレン,” which was released this past February.


Twitter (group follow [4])




Next up is ARTEMA with “Fighting Dreamer,” which is a funny music video featuring a handful of other musicians! I really like the song, despite/in part to the screamo. I don’t even know how I feel about screamo anymore.

Thanks, ARTEMA.

This is from the band’s latest album, “ARTEMA PARTY,” which will be released on August, 19th!







A.F.R.O, aka ‘A Funky Rhythmic Organizer,’ are indeed quite funky. I like the laid back feel of the music video and how it matches the mood of the song.

This is “Life Goes On” from their 3rd album, “7th,” which will be released on August 26th!






Last but not least is Awesome City Club with “アウトサイダー.” It’s funky and awesome, it reminds me of WHOwho, who are my favorite Korean band.

So kudos. I like you lots already.

The music video has this retro stage and lights going and I just love the aesthetic. Yes. All the yes. This has to be my favorite song on the list this week, hands down.

This is from their second album, “Awesome City Tracks 2,” which will be released on September 16th!







Like this list? Stay tuned for more J-Indie Picks!

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