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Throwback Thursday: SS501

WHAAAAAAT SS501? Weird, right?

It seems like only yesterday I was swooning over Kim Hyun Joong in “Boys Over Flowers,” only to accidentally find his group, SS501‘s “Deja Vu,” and read the comments, only to figure out that he was in there.


I feel so old. It’s almost been four years. SS501 debuted under DSP in 2005 with their mini album, “Warning,” and in 2010 released their last (so far) album as a group, “Destination.” After that, their contracts expired and they parted ways.

However, leader Kim Hyun Joong said that the group had not disbanded. So there is slight hope for a group comeback.

Very slight.

When I got into K-Pop in 2011, there was almost NOTHING on iTunes. Like, diddles for shit nothing.

Let’s put it this way, BIGBANG had the “Tonight” mini album and the single “Lollipop Part 2.” That’s what was there for them.

You know what was there for SS501? Jack shit. “Because I’m Stupid” was only there because, miraculously, there was the soundtrack for “Boys Over Flowers” available.

So, like any desperate fan with money, I bought half their albums from the internets.

However, that’s not what I’m here to highlight. Today, I shall highlight “Deja Vu,” “Love Ya,” which has always been one of my favorite songs, “UR Man,” because that album was GOLD, and my favoritest song from SS501 EVUR, “Love Like This.”





Like SS501? Their music is on iTunes! All the Korean albums, anyway. /cries/ all those monies….my posters are nice tho.

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