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Worldwide Wednesday: Omi

Yes. I have heard the song “Cheerleader” by Omi, and I think it is GLORIOUS~

I heard it twice and couldn’t live without hearing it at least 65+ more times…since I’ve downloaded it…two days ago…

I literally heard it twice last week and that’s it, I was in love. /sorrynotsorry/

Watch the music video here:

I saw my friend Andoni share a video on Facebook about Omi. Apparently the indie label he was with years ago had thought the original song was a dud, and he was dropped.

Fast forward to several years later, his girlfriend gave the song to a DJ to play, and the song was sent to a German producer named Felix Jaehn, who saw potential in the song and re-produced it.

The record execs at Ultra loved it and after about a month, Omi’s girlfriend convinced him to sign a deal with Ultra.

Pretty cute, huh?

If you like the song, buy it here, and you can look for the original and other remixed versions as well!

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