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Random Music Monday: So Ji Sub Giving Absolutely No Fucks

So I heard of this through one of my friends, and I was really weirded out at first.

So Ji Sub is a super popular actor in Korea, or so I’ve heard. I know he’s in “Master’s Sun,” which I’ve been meaning to watch forever because of that shrimp chip scene.

But I digress.

My hopes weren’t high, to say the least. But knowing that Korean actors and singers cross over all the time, I should have expected more.

He actually made his rapping debut in 2011 with the single, “Pickup Line.” He’s released several singles and two mini albums since then, featuring artists like Saetbyul, Soul Dive, and Younha just to name a few.

Rap me to sleep, So Ji Sub. God, this man’s voice just melts me.

Watch the music video here [BLACK]:



Buy Rap God So Ji Sub’s single, “So Ganzi” on iTunes!

Black is a more mellow, badass version while White is upbeat and poppy!

No, but in all seriousness, he’s not that bad. In fact, he’s good. Not on par with rappers like San E, Verbal Jint or Illinit, but he’s decent. Check him out and see for yourself.

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