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Catching Up With K-Pop #3

This time on Catching Up With K-Pop, it’s more because I was super busy with preparations for KCON, along with other personal matters that put these music releases out of reach for me to write about at the time.

I’d love to give them their own articles, but I’m still quite busy, so I’ll leave a list here in hopes that you find something worthwhile.

BIGBANG‘s”Let’s Not Fall In Love” & GD&TOP‘s “Zutter

“Let’s Not Fall In Love” is a rather bittersweet song with a cute, touching music video. I rather like this more than “Zutter,” which is weird because I’ve been looking forward to that comeback since ever.

Also, I am confused. I thought the “MADE” album was going to have entirely different songs than the singles, but I just read something that said it’s a compilation of the released material from this year?

Whatever. *smh. I enjoy these music videos and hope you will too, so take a look!


SHINee‘s “Married To The Music

Funk masters SHINee are back with this amazing song with a Halloween theme.

And for those of you saying it’s too early, what are you talking about? Don’t you know what month it is? Pre-pre-Halloween, duh!

Joking aside, this song is fucking amazing and I love it and the concept is awesome and I love it. How are they even gonna top this masterpiece this year?


Wonder Girls‘ “I Feel You

And I feel this song. This 80’s-esque jam is amazing and I can’t think of anything else that would make it better.


Miryo feat. Ga InQueen

I’m not that big into Brown Eyed Girls, but Miryo’s solo comeback single featuring band mate Ga In was just too much to turn away. Especially since Ga In is my favorite.

This song is pretty amazing. I’m not selling my soul for it or anything, but it’s a pretty awesome song.


Crush feat. Zion T and ZicoOasis

I totally saw this at KCON, and I was excited because I had never heard it, it wasn’t a song that I had time to look at. So seeing Zico there kinda surprised me at first when he showed up on the stage, since Zion T was on the stage almost the whole time since the two of them came as a duo.

I love the song, it’s just…so great. So great.


Yunho‘s “Champagne

So before you all kill me, Yunho is my TVXQ bias and I liked his solo song better than Changmin‘s, which is why Yunho is on the list and Changmin isn’t.

That is all.

While I think the music video is super weird and visually speaking, I don’t think it fits Yunho, I also have to remember the more embarrasing things he’s done…

/wearing a strawberry hat/

/the music video for “Balloons“/

The song however, is amazing and I expect nothing less than the best from him, or from TVXQ, for that matter.


Jay Park feat. Loco, & Gray “My Last”

This is so funny, cute and sweet. That’s just the music video. The song itself is beyond fantastic. I’ve been replaying it like it’s none of my business.


The last one for today, are…my babies…baby Shinhwa,

The Legend‘s “Shadow

The music video is fantastic, and I expect nothing less than what was delivered. This is a group that’s stuck with their sound since the beginning, and I hope it continues, because material like this is what I come to them for.

I love it.


That’s what I got! Who’s your favorite from the list?

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