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KCON 2015 Playlist

While at KCON2015, of COURSE they played K-Pop, and some performances stuck in my head and will never leave.

Here I’m going to compile a list of those specific songs that will forever be ingrained in my memories of KCON2015

GOT7‘s “Just Right

With this one, throughout all the fan engagements, they played like maybe five commercials throughout the waiting period before the event started.

Over and over and over and over again. The ‘V‘ app, which was launched at KCON 2015 is an app where you can watch live streams of your favorite idols. And the song for that app?

Yeah, this one. I didn’t particularly love this song at first, but it is ingrained in my mind and won’t leave. How rude.

Now let this song ruin your life, like it has mine:


EXO‘s “Call Me Baby

I don’t know why, but throughout my whole trip this song was one of the songs that I wanted to listen to.

During the second concert in an intermission, this song played and I looked down and there was this one guy in standing and he was doing the choreo.

Yes, everyone sang along. It was the bomb.


SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy

When SISTAR put this in their lineup, I honestly didn’t know what to think because I had heard OF the song, but I had never heard the song.

Now I am positive that they need to release a new version, because that live performance at KCON was PERFECTION~


The last one I’m going to leave you with today is…

Shinhwa‘s “T.O.P (Twinkling of Paradise)”

This is one of my favoritest Shinhwa songs of ALL TIME, and it just so happens to be Shinhwa’s favorite song of theirs as well!

I fucking love “Swan Lake

I fucking love Shinhwa

I fucking love this song



Did you go to KCONLA? Are you going to KCONNY? Who’s your favorite? Comment below!

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