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KCON Trip 2015: Day 1 of KCON

Is it here already? I can’t even believe it.

The first day of KCON started at 1PM, and since I registered for the con yesterday all I had to do was register for the concert and that took like 10 minutes. Then we had to wait about 40 more for the con to start.

I spent THREE HOURS trying to find a booth that sold Shinhwa‘s latest album AND I FOUND IT for $32.65. But the cashier just let it go at $32 because I guess me digging for change was either annoying or taking too long.





I earned a bunch of audience passes when I registered for the concert so I’ll be putting those up separately. Today’s was Zion.T & Crush.

It was hot, we had to wait outside before going in and then it was crowded and Zion T was making Crush answer almost every question, he’s so lazy. Or tired…or both. Idk


Anyway, after that I won free food and that’s how I found my Shinhwa CD.

I tried getting a Shinhwa poster but the only way it looks like I’m going to get one is if I buy a KCON combo poster set. UUUUGGH


Anyway, then I was walking around and was handed an orange bag from Snack Fever (it had a box of Peppero in it), which is a box service like MeMe Box, except its not makeup, its Korean snacks.

A little while later I went over to their booth, followed them on Facebook and received a box of Choco-hodos, which are a variation of a popular cookie in Korea, spun a wheel, landed on ‘journal,’ but they didn’t have any more so I got another box of cookies and a bottle of gum.

I visited the McDonald‘s and Coca Cola booths a couple of times because free samples of lemonade and coke.

I realized that there was this long line and it was because there was a G-Dragon impersonator taking photos with people, and guess who?!?!?!

It was Tim! when I finally got to the line I chatted with him for a bit. Needless to say we were both happy that it was indoors this year.


So that was day one! Stay tuned for more KCON goodness!

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