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Worldwide Wednesday: Shura

And here we are, once again. On time, I know, weird right? Truth is, I’m pre-writing these so you guys have something to read while I’m in California.

I know I’ll probably be too busy to write while I’m there, but here’s some stuff to hold you over.

This is Shura, with her single, “White Light.” I was just randomly looking at the New Artists tab in iTunes, and this happened to be the second song I took a look at and liked it.

It has a very ethereal sound, but that’s behind a pounding synth pop beat, but I love it anyway.

She debuted in March with her single, “2Shy,” and then released the single version and a remix of “White Light,” before she released her debut Mini album, “White Light” on July 17th of this year.

It reminds me of music from the 80’s, which, I love music from the 80’s so it’s a win=win for me.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes!




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