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Throwback Thursday: Girl Friends

This duo is made up of actual best friends, Yuri of COOL and Chae of Roo’ra. In 2006 they got together and debuted with their album, “Another Myself,” with their title track, “Maybe I Love You.”

They had a lot of featured artists including Haha, Brown Eyed Girls, Monday Kiz and Park Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Park Gun Mo, among others.

They went with an R&B concept, and were successful enough to put out a second album, “Addict 2 Times,” in 2007.

Even though the girls technically haven’t disbanded, they still haven’t put anything out since their second album.

Here is the music video for “Maybe I Love You,” featuring Big Tone


Here is a link to their 1st album, but I couldn’t find the second one, so if you like the song, pick it up on iTunes!

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