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Random Music Monday: Moon Shine

I was just on my regular stroll through YouTube when I spotted an oddly bright music video by a man named, Moon Shine.

Enticed by the odd name, I went in expecting something less than wonderful, but odd.

That however, is not what I received. It was funny, colorful, and the song was amazing!

Luckily, I’ve found his body of work on iTunes. I had to search in Korean and English to find everything, but I found it!

He debuted in January with “내가아니야” in January of this year as a single. It’s a beautiful piece of crap that’s going to ruin my life.


Next up is his second single, “Cliche,” which is a collaboration with rapper Giriboy.

It’s beautiful. Why must you ruin me in this way?


Last but not least is the lead single from his debut album, “Time 2 Shine,” which was released in May, “Wanna Be Loved By You,” featuring Dok2.

It’s wonderful, the music video is humorous, if not odd, and I love his pipes. They are wonderful.


Like these songs? Go here and here to get them on iTunes!

Like Moon Shine?


YNM Company YouTube

YNM Company Website

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