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K-Indie Picks 7.28.15

I realize it’s been months since I’ve covered indie, and it’s really shameful of me to neglect this segment. After all, it’s what set my schedule in motion.

So I’m going to make up with that today!

Yoo GnoShe’s Like A Butterfly

This is a feel good acoustic song with a simple yet lovely music video, and I really can’t get over the easy-going melody. It’s just a simply beautiful song.


Company: DH Play Entertainment



This is the band, 11:30 with their latest single, “Girl!” which is upbeat and wonderful for summertime. This is a fairly new band, but I think that they’re worth checking out.


Company: N/A





The last video on this list is a very sad, lonely video with a sad, lonely song, “The Promise,” by an artist who calls himself Sentimental Scenery. His voice is really lovely and I adore the song, so check him out!

Not in this video though, that’s not him. That’s just an actor. But do check out the video.

This is from his latest album, “11 Days.”


Company: Pastel Music

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s K-Indie Picks! Be sure to stick around for the next installment of J-Indie Picks!


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