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B2ST Beautifully Weird Mess ‘YeY’…Is What It Is

I love B2ST and all, but the music video for “YeY” required multiple views before I got the story.

They wake up weird ass places and poor Junhyung and Hyunseung‘s coordi-noonas obviously had it out for them with those dreads and macaroni hair, while they reminisce about the night before.

At their drunk party, where Gikwang got so wasted he had a dance battle in an alley and ripped his shirt off.

I went a little more in depth in an article on KMusic, which as my regular readers know, I am a part of. Check it out there once it hits!

For now, watch the music video here:


Like the song? Too bad! The album won’t be released until tomorrow!

Like B2ST?








Source: Official B2ST YouTube

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