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Z.TAO’s Debut Music Video

So, amongst all the drama that is EXO, Tao, now going by Z.TAO has released his debut mini album of the same name and has also released a music video.

However, while I was looking stuff up, all I found was an official link to his Instagram.

There is also no sign of his mini album on iTunes, which is disappointing because I actually like the song in the music video.

I do think that leaving without being officially gone and then releasing an album is a dumb idea, because technically, he’s still an SM artist, I support his decision to leave.

SM is being childish, as always, and blocking his music video because, well, SM heads are douches and nobody from their company who are former artists can have any fame.

However, that’s not what this article is going to talk about.

If you’d like to listen to the mini album, first, here is the tracklist:

01. One Heart0:01
02. T.A.O3:41
03. Yesterday7:01

Here is the video with the album:


And here is the music video for “T.A.O”:


If it doesn’t show up on the website, click the link. There was a video on YouTube but when I went to embed it, it went private. So enjoy this video instead.

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