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GEM’s Stealthy Comeback

So, yeah I FORGOT MY PRECIOUS BBYS IN THE LAST ARTICLE!!! But that’s okay, I guess. Now they get one of their own.

Which is good, because apparently avex is planning another stealthy comeback for the girls.

GEM released “No Girls No Fun” on June 28th, and they’re going to release their new single, “Baby, Love Me!” on September 30th!

Luckily, there is a live performance on avex’s main channel for the main single, “No Girls No Fun.” However, there are two other singles, “You You You” and “Delightful Days” that don’t have live performances or videos, which is really disappointing.

Their next single, “Baby, Love Me!” will also contain a second track, “タイトル未定.”

Watch the live performance of “No Girls No Fun” here:

Okay, wait a minute, found a live performance of “You You You” Watch it here:

And here is “Delightful Days” Watch it here:


And of course, not on US iTunes.

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Source: avexnetwork YouTube Vendela Karlsson 

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