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D.Holic’s ‘Chewy’ Is Fantastic

At first, I didn’t like D.Holic. The company (H.mate) used sex appeal over talent to get the audiences’ attention, and I wasn’t into it. Not to mention they didn’t blend very well together.


I love the beat, the dance, the costumes, the sets, everything. However, the ball pit is a little…odd. And there’s dripping…candy.

Weird music video aside, “Chewy” is bomb, and the other song on the mini album, “Miss You” isn’t half bad either. There are also Chinese and Japanese versions of “Chewy” on the mini album, as well as instrumentals for the two main songs and an intro and outro.

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes!

Like D.Holic?


Daum Cafe

Source: Bugs! YouTube

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